The Eudora Public Library is going to the dogs!
The library now offers and exciting new initiative called, Mutt-i-grees.

The Eudora Public Library’s new Mutt-i-grees program aims to enhance children’s social awareness, empathy, and relationship skills, which will ultimately benefit people, animals and the environment.

What are Mutt-i-grees? Mutt-i-grees are shelter pets: dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens that are waiting to find loving homes. Through the Mutt-i-grees project at the library, children can learn that, like people, Mutt-i-grees possess special and unique qualities. Mutt-i-grees in the Library (an offshoot of the Cesar Millan Foundation’s curriculum) provides librarians with plans, strategies, and materials to actively engage children by using activities, crafts, and books about dogs and other pet animals.

At the library, children can check out the Mutt-i-grees puppet kit that contains a puppy puppet, two books specially-chosen for this program, National Geographic “unusual facts” cards, set of ideas for family fun, book marks to decorate, and more. The library received a grant that enabled the purchase of thirty brand new books that deal with shelter pets and special animals like “helper” dogs.

Families will enjoy working together on supporting children’s social-emotional learning by:
• Discussing with your children about shelter and special pets
• Visiting a local animal shelter with your children
• Checking out books about Mutt-i-grees
• Visiting the Mutt-i-grees website:
• Watching for announcements about future library Mutt-i-grees programming


Children’s Room Facebook Page

Parents! Our children’s area now has it’s own facebook page! Jump on over to THE CHILDREN’S ROOM and like our children’s room page! You’ll get all kinds of updates on children’s programming and will have front row access to our children’s librarian!


Video Gaming at the library!

Our XBox One will be fired up for the first time on Tuesday September 2nd. Please see a condensed version of our gaming policy and rules of conduct below.

Game times will be Tuesdays and Thursdays 4-5:30 and Saturdays 9-12:30. The system will be shut down 30 minutes prior to closing time.

Ages 9+ are welcome to use the gaming system. Children under age 9 must play with a parent or legal guardian.
The library’s full gaming policy and rules of conduct must be read before initial use of the system and a form must be signed. If the user is under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must come to the library and sign the form. Parents or legal guardians will be financially responsible for any loss or damage caused by the minor.

A more detailed version of the gaming policy and rules of conduct will be at the library circulation desk.

We are so excited for this new activity!!


Labor Day

The library will be closed MONDAY SEPTEMBER 1ST for Labor Day.


closed sign2

LibraryAnywhere App

New Mobile Interface for the NExpress Catalog

By now, you may have noticed that the NExpress catalog look has changed. Those changes are not just skin deep, however! This new look provides a lot of new functionality, including the ability to work seamlessly on any mobile device. This means that the Library Anywhere application that we’ve been using to provide mobile access to our catalog is going to go away. You can still have one-click access to the catalog from your mobile device, though!

For people with an Android tablet or phone:

Navigate to the page in your browser
Press the menu button and select “Bookmarks”
Select “Add”
Customize (call it whatever you want) and click OK
Press and hold the bookmark you just created, select “Add Shortcut To Home”
From CNET –

For people with iPhone or iPad:

Open Safari, navigate to
Tap the “share” button on the bottom menu bar (an icon of a box with an arrow sticking out the top
Tap on “add to home screen”
Give the new shortcut a name, confirm the URL is correct
Tap “add” to add to your home screen
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From the mobile browser on your device, you can check your account, place and check on holds and search the catalog – just like you do from your desktop browser.